Tiger Barb Tank Mates: The Top 6 Companions

The Tiger Barb isn’t the friendliest fish in the sea. It has a temper which makes it not the best companion in an aquarium for other fish. So when you get a Tiger Barb, you want to make sure that you have companions that it will get along with. We have 8 tank mates for you to consider that a Tiger Barb gets along with.


Platies FishThe Platies are peaceful fish that get along with almost any type of fish. They aren’t too big as they grow to be around 2.5 inches. Their size is actually a reason why they get along with a Tiger Barb. The Tiger Barb will normally not attach a Platies because it is bigger than the Tiger Barb. Their fins are also short so the Tiger Barb has no chance of nipping it. They are inexpensive fish that can survive in the same surrounding and water atmosphere as the Tiger Barb so make great tank mates with them.


Mollies FishMollies are another type of fish that grows to be quite bigger than the Tiger Barb. As the fish can grow to be up to 7 inches. It also has small fins so the Tiger Barb won’t be able to attack it. The Mollies like the Tiger Barb like warm water so can easily stay in the same aquarium.

Black Ruby Barb

Tiger Barbs tend to get along with other Barbs. So the Black Ruby Barb is one they normally do not mess with. The Black Ruby Barb grows to be 2.5 inches. The fish itself is peaceful and their larger size means the Tiger Barb will not attack them. You can add them to a tank with Tiger Barb without a worry.

Odessa Barb

Odessa BarbThe Odessa Barb is another Barb fish so the Tiger Barb generally are calm around them. The fact that the Odessa Barb grows to 4 inches also helps it stay clear of the Tiger Barb. The fish itself will not cause any harm to the Tiger Barb as it doesn’t attack fish.

Agassiz Cichlid

Agassiz CichlidIf you like Cichlid and want to keep one with Tiger Barbs then the Agassizi Cichlid is a great option. The fish are acclimated to the same water conditions as the Tiger Barb and can grow to be 3.5 inches. So the Tiger Barb stays clear of them. While the Agassiz Cichlid itself is peaceful, it prefers to be in a group so you want to consider getting a few of them.

Red Spotted Several

Another type of Cichlid, the Red Spotted Several is generally a peaceful fish. It may get slightly aggressive when it comes to mating season but overall it is peaceful. It is a much bigger fish than the Tiger Barb, growing to 10 inches so the Tiger Barb will not attack it. It also has short fins.