About Us

You may not find information on every single aspect of the aquarium hobby here at David’s Aquarium Advice but what you do find will be well-written, up-to-date, informative and realistic. Everything that’s written by one of our authors will be learned through both research and personal experience. So, if I haven’t used a product or kept a specific fish then I won’t write about it until I have.

We all know that person who is all over Facebook telling people they can’t put anything besides five guppies and a few Red Cherry Shrimp in their 10 gallon tank. Not only is that information wrong but the majority of people will simply ignore it and end up with an angelfish, a bunch of tetras and a common pleco in their 10 gallon tank because they were all small at the fish store. That’s not a good situation for the fish or the fish-keeper.

What, we, as experienced hobbyists need to do is promote a healthier environment for both the fish-keeper and the fish themselves. We can do this by giving more reasonable suggestions. If you want to overstock a tank, that’s fine, but you’re going to be doing big water changes every other day.

And that is what David’s Aquarium Advice is all about. Giving people realistic advice on how to keep the fish they want to keep, happy and healthy.

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