All About Candy Cane Coral

The name Candy Cane Coral comes from the stripes of the coral’s polyps. You can find them in different colors from brown to green with alternating white stripes. Under the moonlight, the coral glows with a fluorescent which makes it seem outer worldly. In an aquarium at night, you get the same appearance which makes the aquarium look more exotic.

You don’t need to do too much to take care of a Candy Cane Coral, it requires high-intensity lighting, food on a regular basis and moderate water flow. They are rather tolerant and can sustain low calcium and salinity which means they can be put in an aquarium for beginners. So if you are thinking of getting the Candy Cane Coral for your aquarium here is all the details you need to know.

Name: Caulastrea furcate

Also known as: Torch Coral, Candy Cane Coral, Bullseye Coral, and Trumpet Coral

Care: Level of care is easy, they require moderate light and water flow along with supplement target feedings from time to time. They are wonderful for LPS coral keeping.

pH Level: 8.1 – 8.4

The temperature required: 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit

Calcium Level: 400 – 450 ppm

Origin: Fiji, the Solomon Islands around the Into-Pacific region.

Temperament: The Candy Cane Coral is calm and needs room to grow. If you keep them with more aggressive coral they will not grow and survive too long. So be sure to allow them space when you keep them.

Food: The coral will grow much faster if feed properly. You want to feed it marine origin foods in tiny pieces during the day or when they are exposed to light. This is when the tentacles would be out and you can push the food towards them.

This should give you a good idea about the Candy Cane Coral and how you can keep one at your home. They truly add to the aesthetics of the aquarium and make any room much more exotic especially at night with low lights when the coral glows.