Seiryu Stone Aquarium | Benefits and setting up

Big stone for aquarium

Seiryu stone aquarium is something you would want to do if you want to add some beauty and character to your aquarium, especially if you’re new to aquascaping. Takashi Amano introduced this style to aquascaping hobbyists like himself. Apart from beautifying your aquariums, seiryu stone offers more benefits to your aquarium fish and tank. And … Read more

Aquariums for Red Tailed Black Sharks

red tailed black shark

The Red Tailed Black Shark adds an element of exoticness to any freshwater aquarium. The fish is exotic and entertaining, being very active. They are easy to keep as they have a calm temperament and aren’t too difficult to please. Overview of the Red Tailed Black Shark The Red Tailed Black Shark is native to … Read more

All About Candy Cane Coral

All About Candy Cane Coral

The name Candy Cane Coral comes from the stripes of the coral’s polyps. You can find them in different colors from brown to green with alternating white stripes. Under the moonlight, the coral glows with a fluorescent which makes it seem outer worldly. In an aquarium at night, you get the same appearance which makes … Read more

How to Setup an Aquarium

Setup an Aquarium

Whether you are a fish enthusiast or looking for a way to add a little extra color at home, an aquarium is a great solution. With an aquarium, you can easily keep a pet that is easy to manage in fish while also adding to your home aesthetics. Fish have also been known to help … Read more

Is a Glass Fish Bowl The Best?

Glass Fish Bowl

Fish can help improve the aesthetics around the house. Not only that, keeping a fish in general doesn’t require the same amount of effort as many other pets. The only time it does is if you have a massive aquarium that you need to clean once a month. That is why most fish owners prefer … Read more

Guide to Caring for a Red Parrot Fish

Red Parrot Fish

If you are thinking of adding a bit of color to your aquarium then you should consider getting yourself red parrot fish. Parrot cichlids as they are called have bright colors and add a little exoticness to your aquarium, something goldfish and angelfish don’t really do. Parrot cichlids do require a little extra care so … Read more