TERAPUMP Aquarium Cleaner

Introduction: Cleaning your Aquarium

As many fish around the globe can attest to, living in a poorly maintained aquarium can prove to be extremely unhealthy for one’s growth and well-being. Without proper care of their environment and without clean water fish suffer all kinds of trouble, like stunted growth, skin problems or even premature death. Thus, regularly taking care of the aquarium is a necessity for every fish lover out there. This usually consists of having to scrub the sides of the tank, siphoning out some of its water, sorting through the rocks, sand or gravel at its bottom, cleaning its various accessories whatever those may be and adding new water back in it. In case your fish tank has a filter, it is usually a good idea to clean it separately from the rest of the tank as doing it simultaneously could prove too much of a change for your fish at one time. Usually, filters do come with instruction manuals. Your best bet is following your particular filter’s instructions in order to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Where there is a need, there is a market

cherry barbIf all the above sounds a bit complicated for you, you need not worry. Nothing is wrong with you. In fact, it sounds complicated and frankly too much work for a lot of people around the world. Thus, many companies have developed products specialized in cleaning aquariums and fish tanks to facilitate the process for all interested parties. More importantly, such products usually come with extra features such as the ability to properly clean the aquarium without disturbing the fish at all. In this article, we are going to present you in short our favorite such product to satisfy all your cleaning needs. Not only do we find it is of the highest quality and of a reasonable cost but honestly, living in 2017 as we are, where technology constantly moves forward in leaps and bounds, we think its appropriate to use every available advantage at our disposal in order to support and easily sustain our hobbies.


The product we are presenting you with is brought to you by TERAPUMP, an internationally shipping company dedicated to all your liquid transferring needs. It is called TERAPUMP Aquarium Cleaner, Model No. TRFTCLN, and sports the following number of features:

  • A manually operated liquid transfer pump
  • Two types of nozzle: A shorter nozzle for drainage and a longer one for gravel cleaning
  • A hand pump to initiate the siphon to start transferring liquid from one receptable to another
  • A patented unique pump filter that allows dirt in sand to be discharged along with the water.

It is of portable, light weight and heavy duty material and it is specifically designed to leave any aquarium fish unhurt while in use. Its siphon work is totally user-friendly and its containers are easily emptied. It is simple to operate and it actually comes with a set of detailed instructions on how to use it to maximum effect. Words of caution to those having small fish inhabit their aquarium: Particularly small fish can actually end up getting sucked up into the pump, so be careful with that.

Currently, this product is priced at $13.99 which is a very accessible cost for everyone. It sports a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating after having been reviewed by 968 customers – a pretty impressive score! Naturally, it is listed as the #1 best seller in Aquarium Gravel Cleaners in Amazon. We can’t say enough good things about this product. Highly recommended for all fish lovers out there.


Manually cleaning your aquarium or fish tank is no easy tank. Moreover, it can be time consuming and physically demanding. So why not pick the strictly better alternative? You have been presented by an amazing product made by a highly specialized company in order to facilitate the process just for people like you. It has a very reasonable and accessible price, it is bound to keep working for you for a long time, and it is easy to use – not to mention better and safer for your fish. TERAPUMP’s Aquarium Cleaner is the definitive product on the market, currently, and you would do well to consider it.

Think of buying this product as an investment. You will save time, effort and a lot of headaches. You are definitely getting your money’s worth back and more. Like we previously stated: This product we can safely, highly recommend.  You will not regret it.