API Aquarium Salt

Introduction: Of fish care and well-being

As many fish lovers have unfortunately come to discover, neglecting proper fish care can have disastrous consequences for our little friends. Things such as water that does not get cleaned regularly, low quality nutrition, large quantities of waste material in the fish tank or even a fish tank of inadequate size can lead to all sorts of trouble for fish. Stunted growth, deformities and problems with scales and skin are chief amongst them but even worse things, like premature death are not out of the question. As is fairly plainly obvious, doing all that can be done in order  to maximize the chances of your fish’s proper development through the construction of a supportive environment of the best possible living conditions is your best bet, should you desire your pets to live a long lasting and prosperous life.

Stress in Aquariums

A large part of taking care of your fish is dealing with the stress that is very likely to inflict your fishes at some point of their lives. This may seem strange at first, considering how peaceful a life it seems at first glance, to be able to freely swim all day in an aquarium, fed and taken care of by others. Unfortunately, the reality is that fish do get stressed not unlike the way we humans are. This is mainly due to improper water conditions, or troubles with neighbor fishes, but other causes are possible, such as the presence of added chemicals in the fish’s tank. When looking for symptoms, the most easily recognizable would be the following:

  • A fish gasping, wide mouthed at the surface of the tank. This is usually due to poor water conditions and a lack of oxygen.
  • Loss of appetite. A very human like consequence of stress. Stressed fish will not eat the way they used to.
  • Odd swimming patterns. Whether it is a needless crash at the bottom of its tank or frantically swimming without going anywhere, strange swimming is definitely a sign to look for.

But unfortunately, trouble does not end with stress. There is more.

Disease in Aquariums

Another common problem fish have to combat in their aquariums is the spread of disease. One can spot a diseased fish by recognizing aberrant, uncharacteristic behavior. Thus, the previous stress signs may well be signs of disease. Other relatively easy to recognize signs of disease are the following:

  • Clamped fins.
  • Shimmy: This looks as if the fish is swimming fast, yet staying in the same place.
  • Ich spots: These look like tiny white spots on the body and fins of the fish.
  • Red or white sores – these could have been caused by unrelated factors, such as a fight with another fish, but they are prone to getting infected.

If all this looks too much to handle, worry not. We are going to present you with a product specifically designed to cure or even prevent such unfortunate occurrences.

Enter API Aquarium Salt

 Enter API Aquarium Salt

For over fifty years, API has been at the spear point of the Aquatics industry, developing and perfecting products and solutions for indoor aquariums. Amongst its colorful product palette, one can find treatment, testing, nutrition and pond products. The product we are presenting you with, the API Aquarium Salt, is specifically designed to treat a fish’s health problems, whether it is stress or disease related. It works as follows:

Containing natural, active ingredients such as a natural fish tonic, the API Aquarium Salt improves gill function and reduces stress, providing all the essential electrolytes a fish needs for the uptake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide and ammonia through its gills. It should be used when setting up a new freshwater aquarium, when changing water or treating disease. A word of caution is necessary, though: Extra care should be taken when using salt with live plants in the tank, as some plants might be sensitive to it.

In any case, the API Aquarium Salt product works greatly in order to provide a safe, hospitable environment for fish enhancing their health and ensuring their longevity and well-being.


To summarize: Taking proper care of your fish is essential in order for them to live long and well. A big part of the equation is handling disease and stress. There is no better alternative product to accomplish that than API Aquarium Salt. It is an excellently made product, bound to enhance and improve your fishes’ lives and a sound investment for all the fish lovers around the world. We would recommend it in flying colors.