Goldfish Aquarium 101: Everything You Need to Know

So you’ve decided to get a goldfish aquarium but don’t really know much about how to approach it? While goldfish aquarium are a wonderful addition to the home, most people don’t know how to properly set it up. We have everything you need to know in setting up a goldfish aquarium at home.

What is the right tank size?

You want to make sure the aquarium tank you get is big enough for the number of goldfish you get. Goldfish produce a lot of waste so generally require a bigger tank. You need to know how many goldfish you get and for every inch of goldfish you want to a minimum of 24 square inch of water. That is quite a lot of space so the bigger the tank the better.

Where do I place the tank?

The placement of the tank is also important as you want to make sure that the tank gets natural sunlight while also has a power source. While you are at it, you may also want to make sure the water supply isn’t too far either. When finding a spot, don’t put it directly in front of the window as it may result in the tank heating up. Goldfish require a consistent temperature of about 74 degree Fahrenheit. They also need the sunlight so their color doesn’t fade. So you need to find a good spot that provides sunlight for the most part of the day but is not too direct.

Have support for your tank

If you are planning on getting a bigger tank then you want to make sure you have plenty of support under it. Make sure the stand or table under the tank can hold the weight. Even a tank that holds about 10 gallon of water can weigh around 100 pounds so be sure it has support.

Have a filtration system

Goldfish produce a lot of waste so you want to make sure you have a proper filtration system in the tank. The flow rate of filtration should be high in terms of amount of filtered water per hour. Based on the amount of water in your tank, you want a system that filters at a rate from 5 to 10 times the overall volume of your tank.

How much gravel should I add?

If you want to add gravel to the bottom of the aquarium you want to make sure it is fish-safe. For goldfish you don’t want the size of the gravel to be more than 3 mm. You can fill the bottom of the aquarium 3-4 inches up of gravel from the base.