Is a Glass Fish Bowl The Best?

Fish can help improve the aesthetics around the house. Not only that, keeping a fish in general doesn’t require the same amount of effort as many other pets. The only time it does is if you have a massive aquarium that you need to clean once a month. That is why most fish owners prefer keeping a smaller quantity of fish in a glass fish bowl.

If you are considering bring fish home, then here are some reasons as to why a glass fish bowl would be a good choice for you.

Not expensive

Glass fish bowls are cheaper than aquariums, a whole lot cheaper. You can get a decent size glass fish bowl under $100 whereas an aquarium tank goes well over that, especially if you are looking for one that works well in regulating and filtering the water on a constant basis.

Easy to maintain

While glass fish bowl doesn’t have filters, they are fairly easy to maintain. They aren’t massive so you can only keep a limited amount of fish in a fish bowl, which ensures you don’t overstock your fish bowl. It is a lot easier to manage in terms of cleaning, you can easily take the fish out, put them in a small bowl of water, clean the bowl and put them back in. The whole process can be done in minutes as opposed to a fish tank which takes a lot longer.

Even kids can handle them

Fish in fish bowls are a great starter pet for children as long as they take care of the fish. Since it is light and doesn’t require much as far as maintenance goes, they can easily take care of the fish on their own with minimal supervision from parents once you explain to them how to go about it.

Take up less space in the house

With a fish tank, you need to basically dedicate a particular spot in your house to keep it. With a fish bowl, you don’t need a lot of space and can easily move it around per your liking. This makes it easier for you to manage and change the setting of the house without having to worry about moving a heavy tank and finding a new place for it.

While it is slightly easier to keep a glass fish bowl then it is a fish tank, the choice also heavily depends on the type of fish you plan on getting. Glass fish bowl is generally good for smaller fish that don’t grow to be too big. For bigger fish or if you are looking to have a lot of fish, you should reconsider and get yourself a fish tank. It is important that fish have the proper ecosystem and space to move about and if you restrict them in a small bowl chances are they won’t survive for too long. So before you go out and get yourself a fish bowl, make sure you plan so you can make the right decision on whether a glass fish bowl or a tank is better for you.