Best Pellets For Oscar Fish

Oscar fish are omnivorous cichlids, and they also need highly proteinous food. They won’t eat the same food as your vegetarian cichlids or other fish in your aquarium, especially if you have a goldfish in your tank.

Naturally, oscar fish will eat shrimps, small fish, insects, larvae, some plants’ debris, and others. With your cichlid having a diet like that, you need to get the best pellets for oscar fish, which will provide your fish with adequate nutrition.

You don’t have to worry about what pellet to feed your oscar fish. This article contains various options you can pick from.

Read on to find out!

What To Consider When Choosing Pellets For Oscar Fish

Before shopping for pellets for your fish, you need to know what you’re looking for and what’s best for your cichlid. While so many products can be enticing, you need to check some factors that will benefit your fish and you.

With that said, you should examine the following things when choosing pellets for oscar fish:

  • Highly proteinous

Oscar fish needs to eat a lot of protein, and they can get it in their pellet diets. They would eat insects, larvae, small fish, crustaceans in their natural habitat, and they serve as good protein sources.

Since you can’t feed your fish, the pellets need to make up for that. Consider getting pellets with shrimps, squids, and other fish types as they are very proteinous.

  • Natural color enhancers

Another thing you should consider when choosing pellets for your oscar fish is whether they can enhance your fish’s color. Since cichlids are beautiful fishes with colorful skins, you want the color to glow even better.

Check for pellets with enhancing ingredients like astaxanthin, marigold, and chili powder. If that’s available, your fish will be as vibrant as ever.

  • Contain minerals and vitamins

If you want your oscar fish to live a long time, you need to feed it pellets rich in minerals and vitamins. The vitamin will help boost the fish’s immune system, enabling your cichlid to stay healthy.

In addition, it should contain vitamin supplements like garlic, algae, and other natural ingredients.

  • Should not cloud

This is a major factor you shouldn’t miss. Sinking pellets will dissolve quickly and maybe change the color of the water in your aquarium. They can also clog the filter and cloud the tank.

Pellets that are floating or slow-sinking will last longer in the water, so they should be your best option. However, you should not let the pellets stay too long in the water, so remove uneaten food quickly.

7 Pellets Options For Your Oscar Fish

After noting the important factors to consider when choosing pellets, nothing is stopping you from buying some packets for your oscar fish. 

But to help you narrow down your search, here are some highly proteinous and nutritious pellets for your cichlid:

  1. Tetra 77063 TetraCichlid Floating Pellets

Tetra aquarium products are very popular, and fish love them. Feeding your fish Tetra 77063 pellets isn’t a bad choice because it is rich in protein. 

Apart from that, this food contains color enhancers that will improve your cichlid’s skin and make its color brighter. In addition, it has minerals and vitamins that will boost your fish’s immune system and protect them from falling sick.

It’s a total balanced diet package for your fish if you consider it. One more crucial thing is that it is a floating pellet and won’t cloud your tank or clog the filters too soon.

However, you can only feed them to medium to large oscar fish alone. Also, it can cloud the water if you leave it in the tank for too long, and that’s why you should remove uneaten food quickly.

  1. Hikari Cichlid Gold Fish Food, Large Pellets

Hikari cichlid fish food is another best pellet food to consider for your oscar. It contains beta carotene NS germ and is rich in other nutrients.

This pellet is ideal for large oscar fish, and it’ll help boost your cichlid’s growth. It contains vitamin C and minerals, which improve the fish’s color, with the major color enhancer as a carotenoid, superior in every way.

Hikari cichlid fish food won’t cloud your aquarium too quickly as a floating pellet. However, there are some downsides to this food.

One, it can stink your tank, and another thing is that it can dissolve and cloud the aquarium if you leave it in for too long. So, remove leftover pellets after feeding.

  1.  Aqueon Cichlid Food

Aqueon cichlid food is ideal for picky cichlids. It contains nice ingredients that will naturally draw your oscar fish to it, like shrimp, squid meal, and other color-enhancing ingredients like astaxanthin, marigold, and chili powder.

It contains vitamins and supplements that will boost your oscar fish’s immune system and more vibrant colors. Another thing is that the pellets come in a resealable bag where you can keep the food airtight.

You should start this diet with your cichlids on time, or it may be hard for some of them to switch to it. Another thing is that if you leave it in your tank for too long, it can stink the aquarium.

  1. Hikari Sinking Cichlid Gold Fish Food, Medium Pellets

If you want a vibrant and colorful oscar fish, then you would need to consider pellets rich in astaxanthin, and Hikari sinking cichlid pellets have just the right amount. 

As a carotenoid, astaxanthin gives your fish color and at the same time acts as an antioxidant which will help support your cichlid’s immune system. Not only that, it reduces washout colors on your fish and makes them look good.

In addition, it contains vitamin C, which will also help improve your fish’s overall well-being. One downside to this pellet option is that it has a high level of natural ingredients, which may slightly change your fish’s color.

Also, it is a sinking pellet, so it may dissolve and cloud the aquarium if you leave it in the water for too long.

  1. Cichlid Gold Fish Food Large Pellet Floating Type 8.8 oz

These cichlid pellets will help to improve your fish skin’s color after introducing it to them. It contains a high grade of carotenoid, which works well as a color enhancer in aquarium fish.

Asides from that, it also contains vitamin C, which is good for your fish’s overall well-being and helps support the immune system. It also has NS germs, which make your fish look good, combined with carotenoid.

This is a floating pellet, so it can help you curb overfeeding, and you can easily remove leftovers from the aquarium. It also helps to reduce issues with water problems in a fish tank, so it’s all good.

However, it may have wheat flour or grain and can stink the tank if you put too much in the aquarium.

  1. API Tropical PELLETS Sinking Pellets Fish Food

If you need pellets rich in amino acids and protein, API Tropical pellets are a good option. It contains plant protein and other important ingredients beneficial to your fish’s health.

It contains spirulina, banana, peas, shrimps, and menhaden. This combination helps to reduce the level of ammonia in your fish aquarium, making it cleaner and clearer.

This pellet product is only ideal for medium to large oscar fish and not smaller ones. Also, due to its sinking nature, it can go all the way down if your cichlid doesn’t eat them, dissolve and cloud the tank.

  1.  New Life Spectrum Cichlid Fish Food Pellets

New Life Spectrum (NLS) pellets are one of the safest fish foods for your oscar. It doesn’t contain artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. It contains natural and sustainable ingredients good for your cichlid.

This baby pellet can feed smaller oscar fishes in your aquarium and other fish breeds like goldfish and koi fries. NLS pellets contain various algae, seaweed, and marine proteins your baby cichlids can easily digest.

In addition, it helps to boost your fish’s natural color and immune system against diseases. It contains astaxanthin as its natural color enhancer and polyphenol from grapes as an antioxidant for fish’s immune system.

One major disadvantage is that it may contain wheat flour or grain, and it can be too small for larger oscar fish in the tank.


There are so many food options to feed your oscar fish, but if you need something that’ll make your cichlid look good and healthy, you should consider adding pellets to their diet. The problem isn’t with what to feed them but getting the best pellets for oscar fish.

You should consider their protein level, vitamin, minerals and how well they’ll enhance your fish color. You may not care much about clouding if you change your aquarium water often. In the end, it’s up to you which one you go for.

Lastly, you should examine the size of the pellets and get the ones that match your oscar fish so the food won’t just waste away in the tank. Good luck!