Best Aquarium Air Pump For Multiple Tanks | Top picks

Air pumo for aquarium

As an aquarist, new or old, you need to know how important air pumps are for your aquarium. Air pumps can help with oxygen delivery into your aquarium, which your fish need. Some people think that air pumps suffocate fish, but the reverse is the truth. Air pumps force air into your aquarium, and they … Read more

Guppy Grass For Sale | What to know before buying

Green guppy grass

One aquatic plant that’ll do well in your aquarium is guppy grass; also known as the najas grass. Guppy grass can grow and thrive in your aquarium while serving some beneficial purposes. While the benefits may seem enticing, growing and maintaining guppy grass takes more than just submerging it in your tank. Before searching for … Read more

6 Ways Peat Moss Aquarium Benefits Your Fish

Peat Moss for aquarium

Generally, your fish needs certain pH levels to be healthy and highly productive. If the pH of the aquarium is too low (acidic) or high (alkaline), your fish could die. A 6.5 or 9 pH level in the aquarium is considerably normal for your fish to survive. However, when it becomes greater than 9.5, it … Read more

Best Pellets For Oscar Fish

Beautiful oscar fish

Oscar fish are omnivorous cichlids, and they also need highly proteinous food. They won’t eat the same food as your vegetarian cichlids or other fish in your aquarium, especially if you have a goldfish in your tank. Naturally, oscar fish will eat shrimps, small fish, insects, larvae, some plants’ debris, and others. With your cichlid … Read more

10 Aquarium Essentials

Bloodfin Tetras

Introduction: The Aquarium Essentials List Even though fish pets are generally considered relatively low-investment, no fuss pets compared to other common domestic animals like dogs, setting up a perfect aquarium for them is neither an easy nor simple task. Behind every beautiful aquarium lies a properly selected assembly of aquarium equipment. With such a great … Read more

Reviewed: New Life Spectrum Hex Shield & Ick Shield

New Life Spectrum arguably makes the highest-quality fish food available and many people know that. What people often don’t know about are their two medicated pellets, Hex Shield & Ick Shield. What do they do? Do they do what they say they do? That and much more in today’s article! (Disclaimer: Please don’t eat either … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Curing Ich


If you keep fish then surely you’ve dealt with ich (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis), a very common parasitic infection which can reek havoc on your aquarium if you don’t quickly take the correct steps in order to control and eradicate the outbreak. Ich is one of, if not, the most mistreated fish illness that a hobbyist could expect … Read more