Best Aquarium Air Pump For Multiple Tanks | Top picks

As an aquarist, new or old, you need to know how important air pumps are for your aquarium. Air pumps can help with oxygen delivery into your aquarium, which your fish need.

Some people think that air pumps suffocate fish, but the reverse is the truth. Air pumps force air into your aquarium, and they can help power other products you use with it, like the filter.

Since air pumps are so important, getting the best for your aquarium is key. And if you have quite many aquariums to cater to, you need the best aquarium air pump for multiple tanks.

If you are getting one for the first time, you could use a good guide to make things easy for you, especially buying the right one. So, to find out the best one for your aquariums, keep reading on.

Types of Aquarium Air Pumps

Air pumps are electrical devices that help improve oxygen flow in aquariums, and they do that by bubbling air into the tank. They also help work with air-powered equipment like air stones, sponge filters, and bubble decorations.

Therefore, air pumps can work in different parameters with your aquarium. Moreover, aquarium air pumps usually come in different forms. 

Generally, you can categorize air pumps into three types based on power options:

  • Battery-Operated air pumps

These air pumps run on battery. They are very portable, and you can use them anywhere you are provided that they are on a full battery.

You should get battery-operated air pumps if you need something compact that you can carry around, especially if you need to transport your fish tank. These air pumps have on/off buttons that you can use to power it or shut it down.

However, one major problem with battery-operated air pumps is that you have to change the battery once it gets depleted due to their nature. In addition, they are not quiet, and their noise level is more than that of the other types.

  • Plug-in air pumps

Plug-in air pumps are different from battery-powered ones. They don’t have the on/off buttons, so they begin to work once you plug them in a socket. Plus, they depend on electricity to work and will work continually for as long as you plug them in. 

  • Battery backup air pumps

Battery backup air pumps combine both the features of the plug-in and battery-powered ones. You have the option of plugging the air pumps in or using the battery available.

That way, you don’t have to worry about electricity or the battery’s power running out. You can switch between both and keep using them for as long as you need. 

Best Aquarium Air Pump For Multiple Tanks 

Selecting the best air pump for your aquarium is crucial because it will determine how well it will benefit you long term. After deciding on what type to go for, you also need to consider the size.

If you have a big aquarium, consider getting a large air pump. The bigger your aquarium, the larger the air pump it needs because of water pressure.

Furthermore, the bigger and deeper your fish tank is, the more back pressure your air pump has to deal with. Once you have settled that, you can go ahead and get what you need.

Here are top picks for you to shop from:

  1. Tetra Whisper Easy to Use Air Pump for Aquarius

As one of the quietest air pumps, it provides adequate airflow into aquariums. It also ensures proper water movement in your aquarium. The Tetra Whisper dual air pumps have different sizes for 60 and 100-gallon tanks. 

It is a plug-in air pump that’s easy to use and performs highly. Thanks to its plug-in features, this air pump is very durable; however, you cannot use it during a power outage.

  1. VIVOSUN 317-1750GPH Commercial Air Pump

If you run large aquariums for commercial purposes, then you would be interested in this air pump. Not only does this air pump help with oxygen, but it’s also good at controlling heat in your aquarium.

It is capable of pumping about 16 gallons per minute; that is 60 liters of air per minute. It also operates with low noise and can function effectively for a long period.

Since it is a plug-in type, you would need electricity to power it. Operating it is easy because once you set it up, you are good to use it for as long as you need. However, note that it can be a bit bulky.

  1. Tetra Whisper AP150 Air Pump for Deep Water Applications

You should get this air pump if you have deep aquariums. It is powerful, versatile, and can handle up to 150-gallon tanks. It works well for freshwater and saltwater tanks that are as deep as 8 feet.

AP150 is a plug-in pump and produces greater backpressure like protein skimmers for saltwater, multiple air tones for more than one tank, and air stones. Another good thing about this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and is durable.

  1. EHEIM Air Pump 100 W/Diffuser

EHEIM air pump is a compact air pump and good for small aquariums. It is compatible with aquariums with a maximum capacity of 30 gallons. It provides adequate aeration for your fish.

Furthermore, it is one of the quietest air pumps available, so if you want less disturbing sound, you can get this. It features an airflow rate of one gallon per minute. It also comes with other accessories like a check valve and diffuser.

With a powerful motor of 100W, it’s high-performing. And with the plug-in feature, you can use it for as long as you connect it to a power source. 

  1. Marine Metal 110 Air Pump

This air pump is powerful, versatile, and efficient. It produces about 99.5% of dissolved oxygen saturation. It provides adequate aeration for different aquarium sizes ranging from 10 to 70 gallons.

It is a plug-in type and requires no assembling before usage. In addition, it features accessories like silicone airline tubing and bead air stones. 

With its dual outlets, you can pump air into two aquariums. Finally, it is durable, compact, and lightweight that you can use anywhere provided there is a power source.

  1. Hydrofarm AAPA7.8L Active Aqua 

This air pump can work with tanks of different sizes and use low power to pump air into multiple aquariums at once. It is also silent with a maximum sound decibel of 45, which is possible due to the multilevel internal muffler present in it.

Moreover, it pumps about 15 liters of air per minute. With this air pump, you get to control the air pressure so you can select the appropriate airflow for your fish tank.

Plus, it delivers an output of up to 240 GPH which enables it to use just low power to operate effectively. It is compact and lightweight and available in different sizes, so you can pick based on your need.

What To Consider When Buying

When choosing the best air pump for multiple tanks, you may want to consider these things based on your preference and need:

  • Noise level

The noise level of air pumps can help you decide which to buy, especially when you consider where your aquarium is. Can you deal with noise, no matter how little, in your office, room, or living room? Air pumps with at most 40db are good if you don’t want any distracting noise.

  • Power option

You need to be sure of which power option you are comfortable with and can handle. Battery only air pumps are compact, but you have to keep changing the battery. 

Likewise, the plug-in can only function when there is power. Battery backup seems more likely, but it’s a bit more pricey than others. 

  • Capacity and compatibility

Ensure you get air pumps whose capacity is compatible with your aquarium. Remember, the deeper and bigger your aquarium, the larger the air pump capacity you need.

How Aquarium Air Pumps For Multiple Tanks Work

Majorly, your aquarium air pumps help in increasing your fish tank’s surface area and improve water circulation. Therefore, after selecting the best aquarium air pump for multiple tanks that you need, then you can go ahead and set it up.

It’s pretty easy, and you can also follow the manufacturer’s manual. You only need to:

  1. Connect the air tubing to the air pump.
  2. Install check valves, T- or Y-valves, if available.
  3. Connect the air tubing to air stones or other accessories or equipment available.
  4. Then, plug in your air pumps. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to keep your aquarium aerated, then you need air pumps. To get the most air pumps in your aquariums, you need the best air pump for multiple tanks. The type of power option you prefer will determine the air pump you will get for your aquarium. 

Finally, you should consider your aquarium’s capacity and compatibility with the air pump. You could also look out for additional accessories, but most importantly, it has to be the right one.