10 Gallon Aquarium Stand | Choosing the best option for your fish tank

Keeping fish as pets sounds fancy, but more than the idea, it requires a lot of work and maintenance. You need to ensure your fish is getting adequate nutrition, staying in a clean habitat, and the aquarium has to be in the right spot.

While you are thinking about raising your fish properly, you also need to think about the aquarium stand where your fish will stay. It has to be perfect and right in such a way that it won’t obstruct your activities in your home.

But of course, the aquarium stand has to be the right one. Getting a 10 gallon aquarium stand for your fish tank shouldn’t be difficult when you know what you want. However, if you don’t know how to choose the best option, this article will help you. 

Let’s find out the numerous options you have for your 10-gallon fish tank.

What Makes Aquarium Stands Different?

Aquarium stands come in different forms, and your choice and taste will most likely determine the one you will select for your fish tank. What mostly differentiates one 10 gallon aquarium stand from the others are:  

  • Style

Most aquarium stands are usually in simple or cabinet styles. Both styles’ materials can either be wood or metal. Generally, simple styles are usually cheap and good for people who don’t like sophistication or anything extra. However, they don’t have shelves for additional space.

On the other hand, Cabinet style could be a better choice if you want extra space. You can keep your other aquarium supplies in the cabinet instead of putting them somewhere else.

Whether you choose a simple or cabinet aquarium stand, you need to be careful so that water doesn’t damage it. You also need to seal the cabinet appropriately, so water doesn’t tamper with the products you keep in it.

  • Height 

Aquarium stands also differ in height, and you can choose what length you’re most comfortable with. However, you should choose a moderate length.

If it is too high or low, you may not be able to see your fish, especially when you’re sitting. This makes it difficult for you to monitor your aquarium while you relax. 

  • Custom, bought, or DIY

People have the option of choosing if they prefer a custom, store-bought, or DIY 10 gallon aquarium stand. Store-bought stands offer you many options to pick from already-made designs, and you can just purchase them right away. This option is the best for beginner aquarists. 

Then the custom stands are usually more expensive. You get to design your choice as you deem fit to match the allocated space in your home and your house decorations. They usually look like natural pieces of furniture in the home. More experienced aquarists tend to go for custom aquarium stands. 

Finally, the DIY option means you’re designing it on your own, especially if you don’t find the one that fits your ideal style. You have to gather the material and assemble the whole thing yourself. You also need to ensure that the structure can hold your tank’s weight.

This can be time and effort-consuming, but the results are usually worth it. After considering which style, height, and type you want, there are still a few other things to look out for before going ahead to get the one you want. 

  • Tank size

Your tank size needs to fit perfectly with the aquarium stand if you don’t want your fish tank to look awkward in your space. The tank should be comfortable on the stand without requiring any edge support. Also, the tank shouldn’t be too small, or the tank will fall, especially if the stand quality is poor.

  • Tank weight

You also need to consider the tank’s weight and the stand’s quality. More than you can imagine, aquariums weigh a lot, so the stand you choose must be able to withstand the weight.

  • Water resistance

The stand you choose should be water-resistant if you want it to last for a long period. If the material is wood, it should be a finished type. Likewise, if metal, it should be a coated type so that it won’t damage the stand when water gets on it.

Top Picks For You

If you are buying your aquarium, you could use a little bit of help. Here are some of the 10 gallon aquarium stands for your 10-gallon fish tank:

  1. Ameriwood aquarium stand

This stand can hold a 20 or 10-gallon tank with at most 240 pounds. It is cabinet-style and has open shelves for decorations with closed ones to keep your aquarium supplies.

The material is wood, finished, sturdy, and can last for a long time if you use it properly. It is also very easy to assemble. However, water can damage it, and it can bleed after a long time. 

  1. Imagitarium Newport Wooden tank stand

This simple aquarium stand is modern and sturdy for fish tanks. It has two open shelves below the fish tank where you can keep decorations and other items.

Also, it has adjustable feet that level on the ground perfectly and is suitable for all kinds of flooring. However, it doesn’t have a protective cabinet for your aquarium supplies.

  1. Aqueon Forge aquarium stand

The Aqueon Forge aquarium stand is a multiple fish tank stand as it can hold two tanks. The upper part can hold a 10-gallon tank, while you can keep a 5.5-gallon aquarium on the lower level.

If you don’t have another fish tank, you can keep other stuff on the lower level. The stand is mostly metal with wooden panels, and it is stable for carrying your fish tanks.

The major problem with this type of stand is that it can be difficult to assemble. More so, it has no cabinets if that is a turnoff for you.

  1. Flipper 10 gallon aquarium stand

Another 10 gallon aquarium stand you can use is Flipper fish tank stand. The furniture is beautiful, and it will look good and fit perfectly with your home decor.

It has three shelves fit for holding items that weigh up to 120 pounds or less. If you want to make it more beautiful, you can decorate it with LED strips. And if you decide to upgrade to a 20-gallon tank, this stand can also carry it.

  1. HG Fluval Flex 15g Stand Black, AHG15015

This aquarium stand is simple and easy to use. It is perfect for beginners looking for something they can easily handle. The stand looks beautiful and is pretty easy to set up. 

It has two open shelves to keep decorations and other items that water or moisture can’t damage. Using it with a Fluval tank makes the combo and aesthetics in your home even better.

  1. Ollie & Hutch Farmington Aquarium Stand

Another sturdy aquarium stand option to consider is this product. It can hold both 10 and 20-gallon fish tanks. The furniture is beautiful, fits naturally in your home, and has a cabinet where you can keep your aquarium supplies, books, and other items.

This is a safe option if you don’t want your kids or other pets tampering with the aquarium.

  1. Aquatic Fundamentals Metal Aquarium Stand

This is a simple-style aquarium stand with a metal material. It has enough coating and is water-resistant. The size is specifically for a 10-gallon fish tank, and anything above that can make it crumble. It is durable; however, it has no open shelves or cabinets to hold anything. 

Setting Up Your 10-Gallon Aquarium Stand

Wherever you choose to set up your aquarium stand is totally up to you. You can set it up in your room, living room, or anywhere. However, here are a few steps or ways to go about it.

Find the perfect spot 

When choosing a spot, you shouldn’t only consider aesthetics, but your fish’s safety. The best spots would be in a corner, against a wall, or where the aquarium is safe from items that could affect the tank, like an air conditioner.

You also need to pick a spot where you can monitor your fish. Choose a visible place to your eyes, and you can see the aquarium whether you are sitting or standing.

Assemble the stand

Most aquarium stands require that you assemble them after receiving them unless you made it yourself. The good thing is they are easy to put together as long as you follow the manual that comes with them.

You only need to assemble it correctly, or else it won’t be as sturdy as it should be, and it can make your aquarium fall.


Having a 10-gallon tank leaves you with numerous aquarium stand choices to choose from. Irrespective of your choice, aquarium stands are good, but opinions differ, so in the end, you get to choose what you want.

Whether you choose a custom or ready-made aquarium stand, you would need to consider your pocket, aquarium size, and other important factors. Another thing is that you need to be careful when assembling your stand so that you don’t make any mistakes and break your aquarium after.

Lastly, ensure you choose a type you can easily maintain, as it will be better for you and your fish.