Top 7 Plants To Purchase From Aquarium Plants Factory

Aquarists and fish-keeping enthusiasts know the benefits of having aquarium plants. And for that reason, they would want some aquarium plants in their fish tank.

The problem isn’t with knowing aquarium plants but with getting them. Sure, many people get their plants from online sources, but the question of “where” is another issue.

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You don’t have to worry because the aquarium plants factory is one of the reliable online places to get aquarium plants for your fish tanks. Is it okay to buy live aquarium plants, and what kind can you get from them?

Why don’t you find out?

Where Is The Aquarium Plant Factory Located?

Aquarium plant factory is like an online market, but majorly for aquatic plants, and they serve aquarists and fish-keeping enthusiasts in America. You can be sure of quality aquarium plants if you buy from them.

Even though they’re based in Fontana, California, there’s no pickup option, but they deliver nationwide. They deliver your live plant to you and provide quality packaging so you can receive your aquarium plant in the right shape.

Of course, that’s the benefit you enjoy from buying aquarium plants from a reliable online source.

How Long Can Aquarium Plants Survive in The Mail?

One problem people have with buying products online is receiving their products intact. But it could be more than that for aquarium plants since they are live plants and could die or wither before you get them. 

This is enough reason to cause worry among aquarium enthusiasts. However, if aquarium plants are well packaged, they can survive in the mail for up to three or four days.

Thankfully, the aquarium plants factory delivers their live plants within 24 hours, leaving an extra two to three days for the plants to survive. This is good in case you get occupied and can’t plant them immediately after you get them.

In addition, the aquarium plants factory puts enough effort into packaging so you can receive your plants in good shape. However, for aquarium plants to last three to four days in the mail, a few things must be present for their survival.

  • Water

Adequate and not-too-much water will help the plant survive in the mail for a while. Too much water can make the plant rot, but enough water will keep it alive until you are ready to plant it in your aquarium. 

  • Light exposure

Light enables plant growth as it has its part to play. However, due to its packaging, the plant can’t get adequate light in transit. It’ll live up to three days without light if it’s a hardy plant, but not so much for sensitive plants.

The most days they can survive is two days. If your plant stays that long in the mail, you need to ensure you expose it to light upon receiving it, even if you’re not ready to plant.

  • Temperature

Another thing that enables plant survival in the mail is temperature. A plant can hardly regulate the temperature in transit due to its packaging in a plastic bag. However, if there’s enough water, the heat will create humidity, which will keep the plant alive. 

You can expect your live plant from the aquarium plants factory to arrive within a day, so you may not need to worry much about how long they can last. And even after receiving your package, you can keep them for two more days before planting them.

However, you may want to quarantine or acclimate the plants before planting them in your aquarium to ensure they’re safe and healthy for your fish. Quarantining will help remove diseases and other harmful organisms that might be present there.

Acclimating helps revive them before planting, so they don’t wither and mess up your aquarium.

Popular Plants in Aquarium Plants Factory

There are many live plants you can shop for from the aquarium plants factory. You can find many well-groomed and quality plants for your aquarium on their website.

Some of the popular plants in aquarium plants factory are:

1. Anubias

Some of their popular aquarium plants fall under the anubias category. They have broad, thick, and dark green leaves that are good for your aquarium.

They are hardy plants and can survive any water conditions. Plus, they’re a good option if you’re a beginner because they don’t require much maintenance.

Some anubias you can shop are:

  • Anubias barteri dark angel
  • Anubias barteri round
  • Anubias barteri striped
  • Anubias bonsai
  • Anubias bonsai wavy
  • Anubias butterfly
  • Anubias broad white

2. Bucephalandra

You can shop for many Bucephalandra species in the aquarium plants factory. They are slow-growing, beautiful, and hardy plants. 

They’re easy to grow and maintain, with wide leaves to serve as hiding spots for your fish. Attach them to the hardscape in your aquarium and watch them bloom.

Some Bucephalandra you can buy in aquarium plants factory are:

  • Bucephalandra green wavy
  • Bucephalandra red mini
  • Bucephalandra brownie ghost
  • Bucephalandra Kedagang red
  • Bucephalandra Alamanda blue

3. Tissue culture plants

Tissue culture plants are also popular in the aquarium plants factory. They are also called Vitro plants. Even though the techniques used in growing them are sterile conditions and nutrient culture medium composition, they are free from snails, algae, and disease.

Some of them are:

  • Eleocharis sp mini tissue culture plant
  • Micranthemum Monte Carlo tissue culture
  • Dwarf baby tears tissue culture
  • Anubias nana tissue culture
  • Flame moss tissue culture

4. Java moss

Java moss is one of the popular daily deals on aquarium plants factory. They are hardy, and you can either plant them in the substrate or leave them to float in the aquarium. Also, they are good for beginners.

5. Red tiger lotus

Red tiger lotus is also popular, and they can help beautify your aquarium. They’re reddish and don’t require much maintenance. 

Moreover, you can submerge them in the substrate or make them float. Either way, they’re beautiful and give off a nice smell.

6. Dwarf hair grass mini

This is the shortest growing hair grass and it can make perfect carpet grass in your aquascape. They’re very easy to maintain, and they’re not fast-growing.

7. Cabomba furcata

This beautiful aquatic plant is also very popular in the aquarium plants factory. It is also known as red Cabomba, fanwort, or Cabomba plant. 

Its color ranges from red, and pink to orange depending on lighting and nutrients.


Getting your live plants from the aquarium plants factory is a good choice if you’re looking for a reliable online shop. They’re also popular on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. 

You get your plant in 24 hours, and you can plant them in your aquarium right away. The good thing is you can make specific requirements when buying from them.

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