German Blue Ram Care Guide

Quick Information: Minimum Tank Size: 10 Gallons (20 Gallons Recommended) Experience Required: Moderate Water Conditions: 78-84 degrees, pH of 5.5-7.0. Soft to moderately hard water. Maximum Size: 3 inches Temperament: Typically Peaceful…

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Aquariums for Red Tailed Black Sharks

The Red Tailed Black Shark adds an element of exoticness to any freshwater aquarium. The fish is exotic and entertaining, being very active. They are easy to keep as they have a calm temperament and aren’t too difficult to please. Overview of the Red Tailed Black Shark The Red Tailed Black Shark is native to … Read more

All About Candy Cane Coral

The name Candy Cane Coral comes from the stripes of the coral’s polyps. You can find them in different colors from brown to green with alternating white stripes. Under the moonlight, the coral glows with a fluorescent which makes it seem outer worldly. In an aquarium at night, you get the same appearance which makes … Read more

Tiger Barb Tank Mates: The Top 6 Companions

The Tiger Barb isn’t the friendliest fish in the sea. It has a temper which makes it not the best companion in an aquarium for other fish. So when you get a Tiger Barb, you want to make sure that you have companions that it will get along with. We have 8 tank mates for … Read more

Top 4 Best Fish Tank Coffee Table Reviews for 2018

A fish tank coffee table is a wonderful piece of interior decor that drastically changes the aesthetics of the room. It doesn’t only make the room more colorful but also becomes the center of attraction of the room. Which is exactly why a lot of homeowners opt for a fish tank coffee table. We have … Read more

Home Aquarium Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Keeping an aquarium at home is definitely a rewarding experience but it isn’t as easy as most people think. Fish may seem like an easy option for pets since they don’t require as much attention as other animals but maintaining an aquarium isn’t always smooth sailing. Most beginners face a lot of challenges initially because … Read more

Goldfish Aquarium 101: Everything You Need to Know

So you’ve decided to get a goldfish aquarium but don’t really know much about how to approach it? While goldfish aquarium are a wonderful addition to the home, most people don’t know how to properly set it up. We have everything you need to know in setting up a goldfish aquarium at home. What is … Read more

How to Setup an Aquarium

Whether you are a fish enthusiast or looking for a way to add a little extra color at home, an aquarium is a great solution. With an aquarium, you can easily keep a pet that is easy to manage in fish while also adding to your home aesthetics. Fish have also been known to help … Read more

How To Take Care of a Fish 101: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Bringing fish home and not sure how to take care of them? Taking care of fish is not as easy as you may think. You need to make sure you take the proper measures so the fish can survive in your aquarium. We have 4 tips that will help you understand the process of bringing … Read more

Is a Glass Fish Bowl The Best?

Fish can help improve the aesthetics around the house. Not only that, keeping a fish in general doesn’t require the same amount of effort as many other pets. The only time it does is if you have a massive aquarium that you need to clean once a month. That is why most fish owners prefer … Read more

Biorb Aquarium Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Gone are the days where glass bowls would prevail over another type of fish tanks. Yes, glass bowls are easy to maintain and are a simple way to bring a couple of goldfish home. However, it is no longer the best option in terms of keeping a small aquarium at home. Biorb has designed fish … Read more