Is a Glass Fish Bowl The Best?

Glass Fish Bowl

Fish can help improve the aesthetics around the house. Not only that, keeping a fish in general doesn’t require the same amount of effort as many other pets. The only time it does is if you have a massive aquarium that you need to clean once a month. That is why most fish owners prefer … Read more

Does My Fish Tank Water Need to Be Salted?

Fish Tank Water Need to Be Salted

A common question that pet fish owners frequently ask is whether they should salt their aquarium water. There is no wonder why this question pops up every now and then, seeing as how certain fish species originating from the ocean and other saltwater bodies need salted water to survive. However, how do you tell whether … Read more

How Many Fish Fit in a 10 Gallon Tank?

Fish Tank

When you think about it, a 10-gallon fish tank seems big enough to have a school of any fish you want. However, that is generally not the case. You need to be smart about how you utilize a 10-gallon fish tank and which fish you put inside otherwise you will have a disaster on your … Read more

Guide to Caring for a Red Parrot Fish

Red Parrot Fish

If you are thinking of adding a bit of color to your aquarium then you should consider getting yourself red parrot fish. Parrot cichlids as they are called have bright colors and add a little exoticness to your aquarium, something goldfish and angelfish don’t really do. Parrot cichlids do require a little extra care so … Read more

Top 5 Aquarium Heaters

Aquarium Heater

Introduction In this article, we will show you our top 5 aquarium heaters available in 2017, allowing you make sense of the overcrowded aquatic supplies market. It is never an easy task to determine what sort of brand suits your needs – especially given how every single one of them promises to keep your fish … Read more

Best Aquarium Salt to Keep Your Fish Healthy

cherry barb

Introduction We all love our fish and wish them  long, healthy lives. A common way to accomplish is this is through using aquarium salt products and adding them to the water they swim in. As you have probably already discovered by now, choosing a quality aquarium salt is no easy task. There is a plethora … Read more

Tropical Marine Fish Depression Signs

Introduction to Underwater Depression It may sound strange at first how aquarium fish, seemingly enjoying a life of tranquility and abundance, may exhibit strong signs of depression and stress. You would think that being taken of as much as they usually are, they would be relatively stress immune. Unfortunately, signs of depression and stress can … Read more

Best Fish Food for Tetras – Keep your Fish Healthy

Best Fish Food for Tetras

Introduction: High quality nutrition for Tetras You may be wondering how could you ever possibly decide what type of fish food is best for your tetras, considering the abundance of products readily available on the market today. Naturally, that is no easy task. Even though many fish are robust enough to survive under less than … Read more