Guide to Caring for a Red Parrot Fish

If you are thinking of adding a bit of color to your aquarium then you should consider getting yourself red parrot fish. Parrot cichlids as they are called have bright colors and add a little exoticness to your aquarium, something goldfish and angelfish don’t really do. Parrot cichlids do require a little extra care so we have a guide for you to ensure that you take care of them, the right way.

Get the right tank

The first thing you want to do is make sure you have the right tank. You want to consider getting a tank of about 42 gallons, you need a larger tank for parrot cichlids because they can grow up to 10 inches. If you plan on buying more than one parrot cichlids then for each additional fish you need to increase the tank size about 10 gallons. They need plenty room to swim and if you pair them with other fish, smaller aquarium may get too crowded.

With a large tank, you will need a larger filter. Parrot cichlids have a tendency to dig in the substrate this means a lot of algae and dirt comes up. So you need to ensure your filter is big enough to take the constant release of dirt and algae.

Install a heater

If you plan on having different types of fish in the aquarium along with a parrot cichlids then it is important that the fish can easily survive in warmer water. In order to provide a parrot cichlid the right environment, you will need to put a heater in the aquarium. Since the fish is used to warmer climates, they thrive in warmer water at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The fish may have trouble surviving in cooler temperatures.

Proper lighting

Parrot cichlids prefer a darker environment, so you want to make sure the light isn’t too bright. It is recommended that you choose a light from the red spectrum of lights. Using colors such as blue can dull the fish scale. Make sure the wattage of the bulb is low under 1 watt per gallon.

Feeding the fish

You want to provide the parrot cichlids a proper diet. This means feeding the fish twice a day. They can eat a variety of things but we recommend feeding it bloodworms, tropical flakes, brine shrimp, and other parrot cichlid food you can find. You want to provide it enough each time you feed it so it can go through the day and night with ease. Make sure there is enough fiber in its diet otherwise it can develop swim bladder disease.

Clean the tank weekly

To ensure the fish grows without any issues and stays clear from diseases, you want to make sure to clean the tank on a weekly basis. This means keeping the fish in a bowl of water and emptying the tank completely of water and refilling it.

Keeping any animal at home requires a lot of responsibility. Make sure you are willing to take the responsibility before you decide to get an animal. As easy as it may look to take care of fish, it really isn’t. It requires time and effort to ensure the fish stays healthy and alive.