How To Have Clear Water In The Aquarium [7 Best Ways]

Every person who loves fish dreams of having a beautiful and lively aquarium. Imagine a tank so clear that it’s like looking through a window into a magical underwater world. 

Not only does this make your aquatic paradise look amazing, but it also keeps your fish friends happy and in good health.

But hold on a moment! Have you ever been puzzled by the sight of water in your aquarium looking all cloudy and not clear? Don’t worry.

In this guide, I will discuss why your aquarium water gets cloudy and, most importantly, I’ll show you simple ways to have clear water in the aquarium again. So, let’s get started.

Why Is My Aquarium Water Cloudy?

Have you ever wondered why the water in your aquarium, which used to be so clear, suddenly becomes cloudy? 

Before we start talking about solutions, let’s explore the reasons behind this mysterious cloudiness. There are a couple of common troublemakers that can cause this unwanted cloudiness:

  • Tiny Floating Particles: Think of these as underwater dust specks. Bits of leftover fish food, waste, and other small stuff can drift around, making your water look hazy.
  • Algae Takeover: Algae are like unwelcome guests who stick around too long. Too much light and nutrients can lead to an algae party, changing your water’s color to green or white.
  • Bacterial Gathering: Imagine your fish tank as a lively city for teeny bacteria. Sometimes, these bacteria have their celebration, growing rapidly and causing your water to become cloudy.
  • Overeating Situation: Just like us, fish can overindulge. If they can’t finish their meal and it sinks, the water can become murky.
  • “Tea” Effect: Similar to making tea, things like driftwood and leaves release natural substances into the water. These substances can give your water a gentle yellow or brown tint.

Now that we’ve uncovered the main suspects, stay tuned for the next part where we’ll spill the beans on easy and effective ways to turn your cloudy water crystal clear. Your fishy friends will thank you for it.

Easy Ways to Have Clear Water In The Aquarium

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1. Decrease light

Just like how too much sun can make things messy, the fishy world has a similar issue with too much light. Imagine if you gave a big boost to these little green things called algae, which are like underwater plants. 

When there’s too much light, these algae grow a lot and make the water cloudy, like a foggy coat. To keep the water clear, you need to control the light. Give your fish some light during the day, but not too much, like finding the right balance between sunny and shady. 

Also, make sure their home (the aquarium) isn’t in direct sunlight, because they need some shade too. By doing this, you’ll make the water clean and clear, creating a wonderful home for your fishy friends.

2. Add plants

Adding some plants to your aquarium is a smart move. These live underwater plants not only make your tank look more like a fish paradise but also do a great job of soaking up extra nutrients that can make the water cloudy. 

Plus, they give a hard time to those algae that cause trouble and make your fishy world a better and healthier place to live.

3. Increase filtration

Making your filtration system stronger is really key to keeping your water nice and clean. Get a filter that fits your tank perfectly, and make sure to clean and take care of it often. 

This way, all the dirt and stuff that makes your water not-so-clear will be pushed out, and your fishy friends will have a super clear and comfy home to swim in.

4. Encourage good bacteria

Let’s talk about the good bacteria. They’re like nature’s cleaners in your aquarium. They work hard to break down all the waste and natural stuff that can make your water go cloudy. 

To give them a hand, you can use a special filter helper that makes these helpful little bugs grow stronger. Then your water will stay clear and your fishy pals will be happier than ever.

5. Avoid overfeeding

Feeding your fish too much can lead to some problems. Do you know how when you give them more food than they can eat, some of it sinks down and sits there, kind of like old socks? Well, that uneaten food starts to break apart and makes the water all gross and murky. 

So, Give them just the right amount – not too much, not too little. Watch them munch for a few minutes, and when they start losing interest, that’s your sign to stop.

It’s like serving them a perfect-sized treat that they can finish without any leftovers. When you nail the right amount, you’ll have less mess at the bottom, and your aquarium water will stay shiny.

6. Add activated carbon

Here’s a cool secret for your aquarium: think of activated carbon as a super sponge. Just like a sponge cleans up spills, activated carbon cleans up the icky stuff that makes your water cloudy and stinky. It grabs onto dirt and bad smells, leaving your aquarium water fresh and nice, like a field of flowers.

But remember, activated carbon doesn’t stay super forever. It works really hard, but over time, it gets full and tired from grabbing all the yucky stuff. So, just like changing the batteries in your TV remote, you should switch out the activated carbon regularly. 

7. Use water clarifiers

These are like helpers that work quickly to make the tiny pieces in your water go down to the bottom, so your water becomes clear again. It’s like a fast solution while you’re trying to find out why your water became cloudy in the first place.

Imagine you have a snow globe. When you shake it, the snow pieces move around and make the water look not clear. Now, if you want to see the picture inside the snow globe clearly again, you wait for the snow pieces to go down to the bottom. 

Water clarifiers do something similar in your fish tank – they help those floating pieces go down so you can see your fishy friends clearly. But remember, even though water clarifiers help for a little while, it’s still important to figure out and fix why your water got cloudy. It’s like using a band-aid while you take care of the real problem. 

So, use water clarifiers to help quickly while you work on the main thing causing cloudiness in your fish tank.

What should be included in routine maintenance in aquarium tanks?

Keeping your fishy friends happy and their underwater home sparkling takes a little bit of regular care, just like looking after your favorite plant. Here’s your to-do list to make sure everything stays clean and cozy:

First, every 1-2 weeks, give your aquarium a partial water change – it’s like giving them fresh, clean sheets to sleep on. This helps get rid of any icky stuff that might be hanging around. 

Next, it’s time for some filter love. Clean the filter parts just the way the maker suggests, kind of like giving your car a tune-up so it runs smoothly.

Remember those cool plant pals? Well, they need a little haircut now and then. Trim and tidy them up, just like you’d snip your hair to keep it looking neat.

And speaking of neatness, check how the water is doing by testing it. It’s like checking your fridge to make sure your snacks aren’t expired. Adjust things if they need a little fixing to keep your fishy pals comfortable.

So, with a bit of water change, filter care, plant pampering, and water testing, you’re creating a happy and healthy space for your underwater buddies to swim and play. Think of it as giving your aquarium a high-five for being such an awesome home.


Getting and keeping the water in your aquarium crystal clear isn’t hard – it’s like taking care of a pet, but a bit simpler. You just need to give your tank some love and pay attention to a few things. 

This guide will show you simple steps that work like magic. If you follow them, you’ll turn your aquarium into a colorful and lively home where your fish will be super happy. 

And here’s a friendly reminder: a little work now means a lot of beauty and happiness later. If you’re not sure about something, just drop a comment below.


Is cloudy water bad for fish?

Cloudy water usually doesn’t directly hurt fish, but it might show that something’s not quite right in their tank’s home. It’s important to fix what’s causing the problem to make sure your fish stay happy and healthy.

How do I get rid of the yellow water in my fish tank?

If your fish tank water looks yellow, it’s often because of tannins from things like driftwood or leaves.

You can make the water clearer by using activated carbon, changing some of the water, and adding special filters that work like magic to reduce the yellow color.

Should I add live plants or other beneficial bacteria?

Both living plants and helpful bacteria are like good friends for your fish tank. The plants take in extra nutrients and make oxygen, which is like a breath of fresh air for your fish.

The helpful bacteria do a special job of breaking down waste and keeping the water clean and cozy for your fishy pals.

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