10 Best Artificial Aquarium Plants For Your Tank

You’d agree that aquarium plants play certain roles in fish tanks. For example, they add to the aesthetics, boost aeration and oxygen, serve as shade, and more. However, on the other side of things, tending to them can be tasking.

They may require frequent attention to pruning, monitoring, and other responsibilities. This is why some aquarists steer clear of it. But the good thing is, that there is an option of using artificial aquarium plants in your fish tank.

Artificial Plants
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These types play similar roles, require low maintenance, and are the perfect alternative for adding plants to your aquarium. So, which are the best artificial aquarium plants for your tank?

Read on.

Plastic vs. Silk Artificial Aquarium Plants

Artificial aquarium plants are different from the regular live ones. They can either be in plastic or silk form and choosing which depends on you. Both are realistic, pretty, colorful, easy to maintain, don’t carry parasites, and are safe from fish attacks.

One major difference is that silk provides more natural movement in tanks and sways with the water current compared to plastic. On the other hand, plastic artificial aquarium plants are more durable and sturdier than silk and can withstand attacks from aggressive fish.

Plastic is also easier to clean. But ultimately, it’s up to you to choose which one you want. Of course, both will serve you well and are more low maintenance than live aquarium plants.

How To Choose The Right Artificial Aquarium Plants

Of course, artificial aquarium plants are not a bad idea for your fish tank. However, knowing how to choose the best will help you narrow your options.

Here is a list of things to consider:

1. Tank size

One important thing you sure have to consider is your tank size. You would want large plants for big tanks, so the plants can be more filling and enhance the aquarium’s beauty. This makes your tank more alive.

2. Quality of plant material

One downside to artificial plants is that they may wear off and lose their colors over time, especially those of low quality. Investing in quality artificial aquarium plants will make them last longer in your tank while maintaining their color.

While they can be expensive, they’re much better and will last longer, and you wouldn’t have to change them so often.

3. Plant’s design

Everyone has a taste or an idea of what they want their aquarium to look like. You can choose your artificial aquarium plants based on the look and design you intend for your tank. But, of course, you should pick quality materials.

4. Compatibility with fish species

Another thing you should check is whether the plant is compatible with your fish. Ensure it won’t pose any danger to your fish, like cut them with its sharp edges or can’t be easily pulled out.

5. Plant base stability

The plant base stability is also important because you don’t want it toppling over because of strong water waves. Ensure you choose a sturdy plant that won’t ruin the aquarium’s look and stress you with frequent fix-ups.

Best Artificial Aquarium Plants

Now that you know more about artificial aquarium plants, it’s time to choose one or two for your fish tank. You can choose from the list of the best ones below:

1. COMSUN 10-pack small artificial aquarium plants

This beautiful plant is perfect for carpeting your fish tank’s bottom. Its color is beautiful and will add a touch of green to your aquarium.

It looks so natural, and the plant’s nice texture makes it eye-catching. In addition, its material is plastic and easy to maintain. It has a sturdy base made from ceramic, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over.

Plus, its leaves are detachable, making it even easier to clean them. 

2. Zoo med betta bed leaf fish hammock

This plant is cute and looks natural in aquariums. It has wide artificial leaves that are broad enough for your fish to rest on, and they’re compatible with betta fish.

The leaf stays in a suction cup that you can attach anywhere in your aquarium, on the wall, and not just on the floor. The material is soft, gentle, and won’t irritate your fish’s body. Apart from the style, it adds to your tank; it’s convenient to use and useful to the fish in your tank.

3. QUMY large aquarium plants

You can use this artificial aquarium plant in your tank to add a color other than green. It’s beautiful, realistic, and brightens up your aquarium.

Even though it’s plastic material, it looks realistic and natural. And since it’s plastic, it is easy to maintain the plant. The material is also soft and would be gentle on your fish.

It’s also sturdy and won’t get swayed by strong water waves because its stems and leaves are tightly joined together, so there’s no risk of the plant bending or pulling out. You can easily clean it with warm water with a gentle brush to remove algae and debris without damaging the plant.

4. MyLifeUNIT artificial seaweed water plants for aquarium

Seaweeds make the water look natural; you can add that nature touch with this artificial plant. This plant matches large aquarium setups as you can use it to fill up the tank and make the aquarium more homely for your fish.

They have a faux rock base that’s sturdy, holds them down, and prevents them from floating around in the aquarium. Plus, they’re available in different colors if you want a burst of color, and they’re perfect for freshwater and saltwater tanks. 

5. 8-inch Marina ecoscaper silk plant

This silk artificial aquarium plant looks very natural as it sways easily in the water. Its color and texture look realistic and glow even in the dark.

Their curves make them look more alive than artificial. They’re about 8 inches tall and will fill up large tank setups.

6. Otterly pets aquarium plants

This may be your best choice if you want a burst of different colors in your tank. They come in different shades of blue, purple, and green. They make your tank look wild and natural.

Even though they’re plastic, they’re non-toxic and safe for your fish. They’re also easy to clean and maintain. Whether you have a small or large tank, they’re perfect for filling it up with their beautiful and vibrant colors.

7. CNZ Aquarium fish tank green lifelike underwater plastic plant aquatic water grass decor

This plant gives off a real-life plant vibe with its natural look. It has broad leaves that can serve as resting spots and shades for your aquatic lives. It is available in different shades of brown and green, designed in a way that makes them look realistic.

Its detachable leaves make cleaning easy, and removing a leaf doesn’t mess up its overall look. Its height is perfect for most tank setups, as it can fill the aquarium up and give it a different look.

8. BEGONDIS 3-piece green aquarium plant

This artificial plant seems almost basic, but it looks natural, and its green color can make your aquarium look normal. More so, it’s available in other colors like red, blue, orange, or multiple colors if you don’t fancy green.

Choosing multiple colors will be a nice sight in your tank. They’re quite tall, but since they can’t grow any taller, you don’t have to worry about trimming. And the good thing is their material is silk, which won’t harm your fish and can sway naturally in the tank.

9. Tacobear artificial plastic plant

If you have a large tank and have been wondering if you could get a filling artificial aquarium plant for your tank, you don’t have to look further. This plant is perfect for large aquarium setups.

It’s about 20-inches tall, all green and beautiful. The tall plants have lovely tiny colorful plants on them, so it doesn’t look just green. It helps with your tank’s aesthetic appeal. Plus, it is tall enough with leaves for your fish to swim around and hide.

10. Fluval Anubias plant for aquarium

If you like anubias but can’t keep up with the live plant, here’s an artificial option. This plant looks like the real deal in aquariums. Its leaves look and feel similar to the live plant.

It’s low maintenance and saves you the hassle of 

maintaining water chemistry and plant monitoring. The plant is 12-inches long, making it suitable for tanks 20 gallons and above. The color looks authentic, doesn’t fade, and is durable.


Artificial aquarium plants are a good alternative for live plants because of their maintenance, and they are beneficial as well. They may not have the same benefits but make fishkeeping easier and less work.

The important thing is to get the right plant, set it up beautifully, and always ensure you keep it clean so they don’t pose harm to your fish.

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